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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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Uniform and Equipment

Uniform and Equipment  

At Kingswood Secondary Academy we enforce our strict uniform policy rigorously. We believe that wearing our distinctive uniform gives our students a sense of belonging, helps foster pride in the Academy and stops students coming to school in inappropriate clothing or footwear.  Students are our ambassadors in the community. Therefore, we expect all students to wear full uniform when travelling to and from the Academy, at all Academy functions, on extra-curricular visits and when taking part in sports events.  Please note that we do not sell uniform at the Academy, it must be purchased online from our uniform suppliers, Price & Buckland - see details on how to do this at the bottom of this page. 

It is compulsory for all students in Years 7 to 11 to wear a black blazer with the academy logo/badge. Blazers with the logo on can be purchased from Price & Buckland or, alternatively, badges from Price & Buckland can be purchased to sew on to blazers purchased from other suppliers.  It is also compulsory for all students to wear their Student ID card, badge holder and lanyards. These are provided initially by the school but any that are lost or damaged must be replaced and paid for via the ParentPay shop.

No jewellery. This includes bracelets or necklaces of any type – a single plain metal stud in the ear lobe is still acceptable but students should not have multiple ear piercings, hoop style earrings, those in the upper ear, ear cartilage, nose, tongue or gum. Viruses have been found to spread on jewellery and so we are limiting the potential for transmission by restricting jewellery. A single ring is allowed to be worn but should be discreet.

Hair styles should not be excessive and should have a natural colour/tone. Students with long hair, ie hair on or below the shoulder, must carry a dark-coloured hair bobble whilst on the Academy site. Long hair must be tied back when instructed by staff e.g. in practical subjects, Art, Design Technology, PE, Science practicals etc. No beading is permitted and inappropriate shaved designs, exaggerated cuts of any shape or design are not acceptable. 

Discreet make-up is allowed. In practical terms this means no lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, false eyelashes, fake nails or coloured nail varnish. Clear nail varnish is acceptable. Nails should be natural in appearance and short in length. It is far easier to maintain the cleanliness of short, natural nails than longer fake or varnished ones.

Our Academy uniform consists of:

  • An Academy tie with the relevant year group coloured stripe with a traditional white shirt or blouse which has a fastened top button and is long enough to be tucked into trousers or a skirt; the bottom of the tie should meet the waistband. The tie should be long enough to meet the waistband of the trousers or skirt.
  • Black trousers or skirt made of standard material. Trousers should be to the ankle and skirts should sit below the knee.
  • A black blazer with the Academy logo
  • An (optional) Academy v neck pullover or cardigan, in purple (years 7-8) or black (years 9-11), with the Academy logo
  • Black or grey socks with black trousers, neutral or black tights with skirts
  • Black leather or leather-style traditional school shoes that can be polished with a heel no more than 2cm in height
  • Student ID card, badge holder and correct year group lanyard – please note that non-Kingswood lanyards are not allowed (i.e. those with designs or motifs on).

Please note that should a student be found to be wearing inappropriate clothing we will send them home to make the necessary adjustments to their attire, before returning to their learning. The school’s decision on this is final.

All students should have a warm coat for the journey to and from the Academy. Denim coats, hoodies (with or without a zip), body-warmer-style coats and caps are not allowed. Students are expected to carry a suitable, strong, broad-strapped rucksack which is large enough to carry all equipment, ie A4 folders and PE kit. Handbags are not allowed.

Physical education kit for all years:

It is compulsory for all students to have:

  • Academy short-sleeved sports polo kit
  • Academy long-sleeved reversible sports shirt
  • Academy shorts
  • Plain black sports socks
  • Suitable lace up trainers

In addition, students can choose to wear the Academy tracksuit bottoms or Academy leggings.

The Principal's decision about all uniform and presentation issues is binding and final.



BASIC EQUIPMENT: All students are expected to bring basic school equipment including a pen, pencil, ruler, calculator and pencil case. As a minimum, students should bring the following items to the Academy every day:


2 x Pens (black or blue)

Pencil sharpener

Pencil x 2



Scientific Calculator

1 Red Pen

A Pencil Case of suitable size to hold all of the equipment


Students will also be required to have a reading book with them and as necessary, students will also be expected to bring specialist equipment e.g. maths equipment, cooking ingredients etc.

Uniform and equipment will be checked every morning in Form Time and will be followed up with detentions of 20 minutes after school with the Pastoral Team for those who do not bring in the correct equipment necessary to get them prepared for the day.

Electrical items, such as mobile phone, iPods or earpods should not be brought to the Academy. If they are, they should not be seen or used on the Academy site or they will be confiscated until the end of the day. Repeated failure to abide by this rule, will mean that the item(s) will be confiscated until a parent or carer comes to collect them.

The Academy accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen personal items on the Academy site. Bikes and scooters are left at the student’s own risk. We would strongly recommend that students use a strong D lock to secure these. 


Uniform must be purchased online direct from Price and Buckland, our uniform suppliers, rather than via the Academy. As well as having the option to choose where to receive your delivery, Price and Buckland's online shop also gives you expected dispatch and delivery dates.  Sizing charts for each item of uniform are available on the site.


Log onto the Price and Buckland website at

Register your details

Sign up to their newsletter for news and offers

Purchase any uniform you need

Remember to add your child's name to the order


Price and Buckland Ltd
Benneworth Close
NG15 6EL

Call: 0115 964 0827


Please click on the links below for more details:

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We welcome your support in helping us to maintain our high standards of uniform.

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