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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Sport England Project

In this survey Sport England would like you to tell them what you think about physical activity, school sport and physical education (PE).  We want to know what activity you do; how important it is to you and the difference it makes to you.

It’s important that you answer the questions as best as you can.

When they ask about physical activity they mean anything that involves moving your body and making you breathe faster such as walking fast or playing games at home or outside.

When they ask about PE / sport lessons we want to know about anything you do within your PE lessons at school.

When they ask about school sport, they want to know about structured sports and “out of school activities” offered at your school that take place outside of lessons such as football, netball, boccia, tennis or dance

Sheffield Hallam University will be administering the survey and has implemented a number of measures to comply with GDPR. Sheffield Hallam University's privacy policy in relation to research has been sent to all Teaching School Alliances. To access a copy of the privacy policy or you wish to view the Information Sheet for the research then please click the button on the first page of the survey (highlighted in red).

To complete the survey click on the link but make sure your parents give their permission.

Student Survey

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