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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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Job of the Week


To help our students make the best decisions they can about their choice of course, whether at GCSE, A Level or Undergraduate level, they can explore each career pathway and investigate the jobs they could potentially have in the future.  We will encourage each student to aspire to a high level of education, training and career. Students can use this information to help make informed choices, by selecting those courses that will offer them the chance to gain the necessary skills and qualifications as they aspire to reach their chosen job.

The job landscape is constantly evolving thanks to various economic, societal and technological forces at play. Based on the UKCES Careers of the Future report, please take a look at this handy guide showing you the top 40 jobs of the future. 

For students looking to work in the Trades and Construction industry, they might find this handy guide helpful.

My Path have also created a series of useful short, engaging careers videos to share with students. These are also entitled 'Job of The Week' that will feature a new job each week. They also feature other useful guidance and advice for careers.