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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good


'I am a citizen not of Athens or Greece, but of the World.' (Socrates 470-399 B.C.)

Four teachers deliver Geography to students in Years 7-13. In Geography we study the world around us at different scales, from the local to the global. We investigate how mankind is affecting, and is affected by, the planet upon which we all depend for our future.

'Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future.' (Michael Palin - Comedian, Writer and Television Presenter)

What students have said about Geography at Kingswood

'I like Geography because I like learning about different places.' (Matthew, Year 10)

'I like Geography because we learn a lot about the world that we live in and all the different countries and the ways of living.' (Sharmaine, Year 9)

'I like Geography because I like learning about where different people live in the world.  I also like it when we find out about all the different cultural features in Geography.' (Kieran, Year 8)

'I like Geography because you can learn about different things in the world.  You learn about different countries and continents.  Geography is fun.' (Sean, Year 8)

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