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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Curriculum End Points

Our learners will be able: 

  • To use specialist language and vocabulary with confidence and to recognise and apply these to the disciplines of Composition, Performance and Listening and Analysis. 

  • To develop greater analytical skills to be able to understand the Music of the Great Composers such as Bach and Mozart and the influence they have had on the Music that came after them. 

  • To understand that Music has a place in many cultures, both locally and in the wider world and to appreciate and use that knowledge as a gateway to understand that culture. 

  • To foster a lifelong love and appreciation of Music from all genres. 

  • At KS3, to read and understand basic music notation, perform with a degree of confidence, compose in a recognisable structure and listen to music with discrimination, allowing then to ambitiously achieve at least a grade 2 or equivalent. 

  • To achieve at least a standard pass at the end of KS4 enabling them to progress, should they wish, to KS5 and beyond.  We would ambitiously aim to have learners achieve a Merit grade or better at KS5. 

  • Ofsted
  • NOS
  • NOS 2
  • Career Mark
  • DofE
  • London Institute