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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Course information

If you choose this course you will take your exams after 1 year.

The AS level consists of 2 exam papers, (worth 50% each), 1 ½ hours each.

3 sections on each paper consisting of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing, 24 marks each.

Topics covered in AS

Paper 1: Introductory topics in psychology

Topics include social influence, attachment and memory. 

Paper 2

Topics include approaches in psychology, psychopathology and research methods.

If you continue on to the A’ level, (topics will be assessed again).

The exam paper consists of 3 papers, 2 hours each (worth 33.3% each of the total mark). Each topic area being examined by multiple choice, short answers and extended writing.

Assessment for A2

Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology: Social Influence, Memory and Attachment, Psychopathology. This is a 2 hr exam, 96 marks in total and 33.3% of the A level

Paper 2: Psychology in Context: Approaches in Psychology, Bio-psychology, Research Methods.

Paper 3: Issues and Options in Psychology: Issues and Debates, topics to be decided

Please contact Miss Meredith for further information