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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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KS3 Religious Studies curriculum

In Religious Studies students will develop knowledge, understanding and evaluation of religious beliefs, teachings, and sources of wisdom and authority, including reading of key religious texts, other texts, and scriptures. As the future citizens of a diverse society and globalised world, students will acquire the tools and knowledge to co-exist peacefully with others, to listen empathetically and to disagree respectfully. Through the study of different religious beliefs and world views, students will breakdown misconceptions, ignorance and stereotypes.

Year 7 RS –

Terms 1 - 3: World Religions

This unit allows the students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the main world religions, practices and belief systems. Students will engage with questions of belief, value, meaning, purpose, truth and their influence on human life.

Terms 4 - 6: Prejudice and discrimination

This unit allows the students to explore questions of meaning, purpose and value, and they are encouraged to reflect critically on their own thoughts and beliefs and those of others drawing on different religious values and world views about prejudice and discrimination. They will learn about living in a multi-faith and multi-cultural society, British values, study religious teachings relating to racial harmony and explore examples of discrimination in society.


Year 8 RS –

Term 2: Evil and suffering

This unit allows the students to understand the causes and effects of evil and suffering and how religions respond to such issues including Christian and Buddhist beliefs. The students will engage with questions of belief, value, meaning, purpose, truth, and their influence on human life. They will develop an understanding of the influence of religion on individuals, communities and societies.

Term 4: Moral issues

This unit allows the students to consider the thoughts, feelings, experiences, attitudes, beliefs, and values of others and the ability to see the world through the eyes of others and see issues from their point of view. Students will explore moral dilemmas, develop an understanding of moral issues including abortion, genetic engineering, euthanasia and capital punishment. They will learn a variety of responses to moral issues by focusing on Christian and Muslim teachings.



Students can opt to study Religious Studies at Key Stage 4. They study Religion and Ethics through Christianity and focus on Christian Beliefs, Marriage and the family, Living the Christian life and Matters of life and death and Religion, Peace and Conflict through Islam and focus on Muslim Beliefs, Crime and Punishment, Living the Muslim life and Peace and Conflict.


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