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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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Course Information

Key Stage 3 - Year 7-9

The new National Curriculum has now come into force and we have changed our schemes of work accordingly. There is more focus on learning about particular areas of the globe.

Year 7- Students will be following a course that integrates Geography with History and Religious Studies. They will study six themes: Corby; the UK; Rights and Responsibilities; Conflict; Health and Disease and Global Issues. The main focus of the course will be learning through Oracy where we hope to engage our students in learning about the world around them and developing their competence and confidence speaking to each other, learning from others, becoming more independent and sharing their thoughts and ideas successfully. 

Year 8- Russia and The Middle East

Year 9- Asia

Please click here for an Overview of KS3.

Key Stage 4: Year 10 -11

We follow the AQA A specification for GCSE.

Students study 6 topics, 3 human and 3 physical. They study the 6 units over the 2 years. Students will also carry out two pieces of compulsory fieldwork visits to collect data and complete a controlled assessment worth  25% towards the final GCSE grade. The units chosen for study are:

Living with the Physical Environment - the Challenge of Natural Hazards; the Living World and Physical Landscapes in the UK

Challenges in the Human Environment - Urban Issues and Challenges; the Changing Economic World and the Challenge of Resource Management

Each exam in 1.5 hours.

Please click here for an Overview of KS4.

Key Stage 5: Year 12 -13 Specification

From 2016 we will be studying the linear A2 course.

Year 12 – Water and Carbon Cycles; Changing Places; Hazards; Fieldwork

Year 13 - Coastal Systems and landscapes; Global systems and Global Governance; Population and Environment; Fieldwork and Controlled Assessment

Geographical Skills: Two pieces of compulsory fieldwork, conducting, analysing, concluding and evaluating the data and information they have been able to collect.