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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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TB Outbreak-Latest News

You may have heard or read some news about the TB Outbreak we have experienced in the Sixth Form.  We would like to reassure parents that there is no new outbreak, as seems to have been suggested in the media.

There are currently 14 cases linked directly with the school, including those identified right at the start of the outbreak.  All of those students – some of whom have now left the school – are being treated and are responding well to treatment.  Once treatment has been in place for two weeks, the patient is no longer infectious, and if the student feels well enough, he or she can return to school to resume studies. 

It was agreed with the Health Protection Agency only yesterday afternoon that a further round of screening will take place as a precautionary measure. This will take place on Thursday 10th December when the HPA and Specialist TB Team will be in school to hold initial questionnaire screening only.  This will be followed up on 7th January – again in school – with blood tests.  The screening will involve all current Year 12 students, Year 13 students who tested negative at the last round of screening, and staff who come into regular contact with the Sixth Form.

We must stress that this round of screening is precautionary and is designed to ensure that we have covered every eventuality.

The HPA have asked us to stress that exposure to the TB germ does not mean an individual will go on to develop open TB. However, it is important that people who have been exposed to the germ are identified so that they can receive treatment to stop them developing it. It is important that screening takes place to make sure this happens.  TB is a fully treatable infection with a course of specific antibiotics.

Further general information on TB can be obtained by calling NHSDirect on 0845 4647 or go to or

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