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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

New Reward Platform

This term has seen the launch of a new online reward platform. Vivo Miles is an award-winning rewards platform for schools, allowing students to be awarded electronic points called “Vivos”, redeemable on a wide selection of rewards from a customisable catalogue.



Vivo goes beyond conventional stickers and stars to offer a real-life vehicle for financial learning. The scheme offers a single rewards system that’s understood and valued by all students of all ages, and one which captures the silent majority of students who often go unnoticed.
Students save and spend Vivos on a choice of rewards from the online shop. Students at Kingswood will be awarded Vivos, initially, for attendance and punctuality. Each student has their own individual log-in details and as a parent you can request the details to see your child’s account. 

Each full week at school students will be awarded 10 Vivos for 100% attendance and 10 Vivos for 100% punctuality. 
Why is Vivo so beneficial to my child?
• Early personal finance lessons
Vivo is designed in such a way that it looks and feels to students a lot like their first bank account. With the currency being the ‘Vivo’ and good old fashioned hard work being the way to earn ‘Vivos’ it presents a unique opportunity to teach some important personal finance lessons. Saving up for something over a longer term, earning interest, budgeting and managing an account are all covered by the Vivo system. 
• Encourages giving to charity
Vivo Miles allows students to donate the Vivos they earn in school to charities of their choice, empowering them and educating them at the same time. It is an incredibly rewarding feeling for students to work hard for their Vivos so that they can help others in need. In fact, donating to charities is the most popular way to use Vivos! Hundreds of charities have benefited from the generosity of young people.
• League tables and competitions
The Vivo Miles system helps to encourage healthy competition between students. With more traditional certificates and even trophies up for grabs for the best performers it is a fun and more up to date way to engage and stimulate students to go the extra mile, and it’s got that all important cool factor!
Ask your son or daughter how many Vivo’s they have earned so far and what they are going to do with them. 


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