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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good


Congratulations to our Year 10 girls’ basketball and football teams who successfully commenced their latest fixtures with a winning streak. Their back to back fixtures didn’t dissuade from their competitive nature and excellent team spirit, as this allowed them to claim victory in both sports. 



In basketball, Prince William School started the match taking the lead in the first quarter in a fast paced game, however they were soon to witness the might of the Megan, Sian, Kelsey, Shannon, Emily, Shivani and Georgia combo. The girls listened and reacted to the uplifting words from Mrs Copas, and as soon as the second quarter started, Addy slam dunked a peach which lifted spirits and points. Thereafter the points flooded in and lay-up practice soon paid off! Prince William tried with all their might to recoup the points but in the end we were the better side (clearly I’m biased) The women of the match had to be split between Sian ‘3 point’ Bugby and Megan ‘slam dunk’ Addy! Points were also scored by Shannon ‘I like to travel’ Sludden and Kelsey ‘glue hands’ Marshall who also worked their socks off. As a team goes, these girls mean business and their next match is against Latimer School. Final score KW 28 PWS 18.

Despite the driving rain and hurricane conditions the football fixture still took place, Kettering Science Academy were to kick off (good pun) the first home fixture for some time, despite only having 6 players, we did find it in our hearts to also play 6. From all understanding the game was ours in the first few minutes with the girls dominating all the action, plus we had Jodi ‘slide tackle’ Bailey on our side who is a force to be reckoned with! Final score for this match was KW 6 KSA 0.

Well done to all girls, please check notice board for next fixtures.                  Mrs Copas

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