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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Our Day Out

 Our Day Out - Year 11 BTEC Diploma -  May 8th, 9th and 10th 2012

Willy Russell wrote Our Day Out in 1977, about a bunch of underprivileged scouse schoolchildren who are shown a day of compassion and care by their dedicated teacher.


It might seem that 35 years later there would be no point putting on this play and setting it in a local context, but the Year 11 BTEC ensemble led by Erin and Sean proved different.

From the start to the finish the energy and camaraderie of the cast was completely visible on stage. They seemed at ease with each other and because of this, the humour and the emotion of the story was easily communicated to the audience. We were very quickly drawninto the world of the loveable misfit students and their mismatched chaperones as they left a trail of good natured destruction on their one day away from their poverty stricken lives.

Strong performances were in evidence all round, with each actor bringing something personal and unique to their roles. It was easy to relate to the different characters and empathise with the students and the teachers. Special mention has to go to Ryan Kidman for his excellentcomic personas and timing, which had the audience in stitches (even if a lot of time was spent with his hands down his trousers!).

By the time the story finished on stage, the audience were all left with grins a mile wide - a proper feel good production that also captured the truth and relevance that Russell wrote about a generation or so ago.  To view the full gallery click here.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved!


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