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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good


It would be crazy if students and staff spent up to two years working hard on a particular course with good work in class and at home only to achieve a much poorer result than they should because they did not, or did not know how to, revise effectively.  To this end we have put together guidance on how to revise and prepare successfully for exams.  

Students work through this in their tutor groups.  Some students will also use it in a more personalised way with a mentor during Year 11.  We would like to encourage parents to read it too so that they may be better informed and in turn be better able to support their own child. 

Doing well in examinations means that students have more choices in the next stage of their education and indeed later on in life.  In addition to this achieving good grades boosts self confidence in the ability to revise effectively and this remains with students for the rest of their life.


To help support with the success fo current Year 11's our Senior Leadership Team have created a presentation with speech for parents and year 11 students to watch through. 

Countdown to Success