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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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Pupil Premium

Free School Meals Support

Coronavirus  Update:

Due to the government restrictions on the movement of all individuals due to coronavirus we are no longer able to provide your child with a free school meal.  As an alternative we are therefore providing you with a supermarket voucher for Morrisons to cover the days when your child would normally receive a meal at school.

The details of your first voucher are provided within this letter, together with instructions on what to do next. You will also need a voucher URL and code that can be provided by your head or deputy head of year.


Applying for Free School Meals

If you think you might be eligible for free school meals, please click the link below to complete an application…


Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011. It is a grant provided by the Government to all secondary schools.

Why is the grant so important?

In England and Wales, statistics show that students who have received Free School Meals, or who have been ‘looked after children’ at any stage in their school careers, or who are children of parents in the armed forces, do not always make good progress. Although this is statistically true, it should be noted that students do not reach their target grades for a number of reasons. Some students who do not receive Free School Meals struggle to reach their target grades whereas many students who are in receipt of Free School Meals make excellent progress in school. The Government, however, is keen to narrow the gap in attainment between students who are entitled for the Pupil Premium and other students and, since 2011, it has provided an annual grant to support schools in their quest to ensure that achievement is high.

This funding is ring fenced in order to raise the achievement of and outcomes for the pupil premium cohort, so that year on year the life chances of these students are enhanced. Academic progress and exam results are central to this but other outcomes may include other targeted improvements in attendance, behaviour, attitude and engagement.

We will monitor carefully the impact of the money we spend.  Linked below you will find for last academic year details of what the pupil premium money was and is being spent on, and the impact it has had in terms of measurable outcomes.